5 Simple Tips to Travel on a Budget

Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, these tips have always worked for me. Short and sweet for now while Travel Tabby grows!

Let’s look and see how to keep those costs down!

#1. Be flexible on the destination

I cannot stress enough on how this is the key to cheap travel. If, for instance, you want to take a 3-day trip to the beach, it can be done on the cheap as long as you are open to different beach destinations! However, if you want a trip to Hilton Head during peak season you will be paying a pretty penny.

#2. Be flexible on travel dates

I personally do not book travel more than 2-3 weeks ahead of time. (Within the U.S.) The further out you can book, the better rates will be. If you are like me and enjoy more spontaneous travel make sure that you are able to travel on the weekdays to avoid peak costs.

#3. Airbnb is a lifesaver

Airbnb is a website where people can list their space for rent. It is significantly more cost-effective than staying in hotels (unless you or a friend works for a hotel and gets a discount) and the customer service of the host is MUCH better than you will get at a cheap motel. You can rent anywhere from an entire mansion down to a single bunk bed, depending on your comfort level.

#4. Avoid rental cars

When planning a trip I ALWAYS look at the public transportation in the area, how walkable it is, and estimate how often I will need an Uber. Rental cars can easily double the cost of your trip and car companies are often not upfront about all of their fees. This was especially true in Costa Rica where it appeared that a car would only cost $10 a day until you are standing in the rental office, signing all of the paperwork. $80+ PER DAY gets added on in fees.

#5. Eat Smart

This varies depending on the number of people in your travel group. Regardless of the number, set your own personal daily budget and stick with it. If you decide on $20/day but the group wants to eat out every meal, you may need to skip out a few times to stay on track. If the group wants to spend a total of $30/day just hit up the local grocery store as soon as you arrive and buy to cook as a group.

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