Why Travel Tips?

I want to help people see how easy it is to travel and build memories. My trips usually cost less than $300 including round-trip airfare.

U.S. Based Travel for Middle Class Workers

I've worked in manufacturing for several years, the service industry for a couple, walked dogs with Wag! and delivered for UberEats. My tips are generally for people making $25k-$70k per year.

Who is Tabby?

Short answer: A millennial who abruptly stopped working 70+ hrs a week to start traveling and just works to get by.

Who is Tabby? (The long version)

I have always been a high-strung person that, like so many, deals with depression & anxiety. During my childhood and through 26 years old I just threw myself into work. I convinced myself that money was going to be my key to happiness. I mowed lawns -> shoveled driveways -> ran a lemonaid stand -> sold candy bars -> babysat -> various other "schemes" -> waited tables -> cashiered -> did customer service -> and then I turned 18...

I graduated welding school at 18, moved out of my hometown on my graduation day, and 6 months later had a full-time job in manufacturing working 60-90 hours a week. I worked relentlessly for 4 years and focused all of my psychotic energy into this one company. I'm forever grateful for everything I learned there and all of the opportunities that were afforded to me. Being a small, young girl in heavy manufacturing was not easy; but it was worth it.

I was always at work; why didn't I have stacks of cash laying around? I was certainly raking it in. Well, just like the old people told me: "If you make more, you spend more." So true, old people. So true...

I refused to eat spaghetti or drink Kool-Aid for 3 years, ate out all the time, let my boyfriend (at the time) quit his job so I was paying all the bills, spent too much on a piece of junk car before finally buying a new one, moved to a nicer apartment, bought gifts for everyone, etc. Still not happy.

I decided to leave my starter company and take my knowledge elsewhere, and I found other places that interested me, worked for a few new companies over the next 4 years, and finally had a mental breakdown. Turns out it isn't healthy to focus only on work...

I started to slip into alcoholism, landed myself in some dangerous situations, and the slippery-slope continued until I finally went off the deep end and got myself fired from a job that I loved because I was always late or just didn't show up.

I took that opportunity to make up for lost time that I spent working instead of living. June 2018 - Current.

I flew out to Las Vegas and went to bartending school so that I could work events while I travel. And bartending has been so fun!

Did traveling fix my depression and/or anxiety? No, but it has put some important perspective back into my life. I'm learning what not to do and correcting from there.

Finally, I do not really like to do touristy things when I travel. I like to go and see how other people live. If you feel like you need a small break from it all (could be 3 days, could be 3 months) I'm hoping that this site can help you.